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Sacramento, Roseville, Elk Grove, Folsom,


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Need a big Valentine's reservation list this year?

Last month alone there were more than 116,000 searches for "restaurant Sacramento." During only one month. Imagine what that number will be the week before Valentine's Day?



We have partnered with Search Engine Special Sections to create four, unique

Google-powered special sections for our Sacramento, Folsom, Roseville and Elk Grove restaurant partners.


This is an exclusive to Sysco restaurants. Non-Sysco clients will not be allowed to participate at any cost.


What it includes:


You - Page-1 Google:


Begining February 7th we guarantee page-1 placement for each guide on Google (the world's #1 search engine) for over 100 of the most used local search terms for restaurant customers, includng;

  • "restaurant"

  • "restaurant reservations"

  • "Sacramento restaurant"

  • "Valentine's day restaurant"

  • "restaurant reservations"


  • (And more than 90 others including all food types - Mexican, Italian, American, Sushi, Etc. Does your site appear for any shown now? Most do not.)


  • Targeted to YOUR Service Area:


  • We will target these searches to include ONLY the zip codes in a 3-5 mile ring around your location (Sacramento, Roseville, Folsom, Elk Grove).


  • (This means that the people in your main service area will see your offers when searching, not someone from out of state or too far across town.)


  • What will the guide include?

  • Your restaurant logo

  • Write up of any length

  • Links to your web site

  • Your phone number for reservations

  • Any online reservation partner links you may have (Savvydiner, etc0


  • Most important...

  • Your complete Valentine's Day Menu converted to online viewable and linked from Google's page-1


  • Fees:


  • You may have a listing in as many of the region's as you like.


  • $199.00 per region, one time.


  • Deadline for inclusion: Jan 30

Sysco Contact:

Les Lent, FMP

Business Development Manager

SYSCO Food Services of Sacramento, Inc.

Dir:  916-569-7093


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Program Detail:

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