Custom Header OR Business name/Address Auto insert from MySQL database.



BLOG: We have added to the platform a Blog that users can log into with admin permissions that allow only them to see and alter content.


TOP Links: Linking directly to newspaper Ads converted to online viewing AND uploaded PDF files. Shown here is a photo where the direct mail PDF or menu woul normally be shown.


Fully Custom Look and Feel:

EVERY color and Font and Text field can be easily changed to match the look and feel of the media site or the advertisers.


100% Admin level editible: No tech or designer needed to produce.


Email/Database Capture:

This is shown a sign-up form, BUT EVERYTHING is editible on the fly and this form can just as easily be used as a contest or survey or credit application for car dealers.





Traditional Media can finally offer a platform that takes into account advertisers HAVE and NEED a media mix to be solvent.


Trade groups and convention and visitor bureaus can finally offer true, interactive marketing services to their members.


What Makes This So Strong...?


LOCAL search engine marketing with a GUARUNTEE of Page-1 Google for appropriate local search terms.


Built from the ground up to allow ALL text to be "seen" by search engines to gain powerful ORGANIC search rankings in the fastest possible time causing the effect of "glue" on advertisers not wanting to lose this source of "free" leads with a cancelation.












Cell Phone to Web Audio: Podcast

Incoming caller ID makes even PIN numbers obsolete. Advertisers can post as many audio messages as needed. The system serves them one at a time.



VIDEO: YouTube, Google, Yahoo, MySpace...


I have built two video "buckets" both of which can stream video from feeds produced by YouTube, MySpace or Google OR can host and play low-bandwidth intensive .Flv Flash files.



Tracking and Reporting:

Built into each page is Google Analytics complete with geo and domain based reporting.














Audio is treated in similar fashion to video. MP3 files; radio commercials or other audio content are stereamed from the site.


We have two buckets here too.




Keyword optimization is key to the platform's organic sucess. Here is a sample of the dcode that is viewable on page.




We have builit in LivePerson support for live I.M. or Click to Call functionality.


Google Satellitea is built in as well.

Insert body text here ...Inventory Display area from custom site scare and feed.


See Big Valley Ford live sample for view.


Search Optimized Content Management Landing Page System.

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‘First’ Auto Dealer Mashup Launches

May 25, 2006


Local auto dealers aren’t being found by Google. And their TV and print ads are largely invisible to a generation that TIVOs their television viewing, and doesn’t read newspapers.


That will change, if Jim Bonfield succeeds with what he calls “the first auto dealer mashup.” Bonfield, a veteran business development executive with The Sacramento Bee and Travidia, has formed Eyeball Farm Interactive, a company that puts together advertiser mashups for local verticals (and is a client of Krasilovsky Consulting).


To date, Eyeball has launched the auto mashup, Local Offers, in partnership with Intelligent Direct Marketing, a leading, Sacramento-based direct marketing agency for the automotive industry. More than 70 dealers around the U.S. will be running by the end of June. Next up will be launches of retail furniture outlets, currently in beta, and restaurants.


Bonfield notes that auto dealers already have Web sites, but they’re likely to continue spending the bulk of their media budget on traditional local media, including TV, radio and newspapers. The problem is that the ads, and the information in the ads, aren’t being seen by a generation that TIVOs their TV viewing, listens to XM radio in the car, and skips newspapers altogether.