Detailed Reporting

One of the biggest challenges to date for advertisers has been how to track leads that come from their online campaigns, especially if they have ads running at multiple publishers.


Depending on the pplication and actual search engines used,  we can track not only the number of online events (e-mails, web site visits, etc.) but also many  “offline” events as well, specifically, the number of phone calls generated by the ads we run.


Web Site Visits


The number of times potential customers click on an ad to visit the advertiser’s web site. Advertisers only pay when customers click on their ads and visit their site.


Phone Call Tracking


Some search networks enable advertisers to use a unique phone number for each campaign. This phone number – either toll free or local – forwards automatically to the advertiser’s existing phone number (or one that they specify). Advertisers will know the number of phone calls received and receive individual call information, including the phone number of the person who made the call (if not blocked). (Not available for all campaigns)


E-Mail Tracking


Our platform provides advertisers a unique e-mail address for each campaign. This e-mail address forwards automatically to the advertiser’s existing e-mail address (or one that they specify). Advertisers can login to view the number of e-mails received and receive individual e-mail information, including the e-mail of the person who sent the e-mail.


Coupon Tracking


For advertisers who opt to use our ReachLocal platform to create an offer page, there is the option to create up to 4 different offers (or coupons). When a potential customer clicks on a coupon, they are asked to register to be able to redeem the coupon at the advertiser’s physical location.  All coupon registrations are automatically e-mailed to the advertiser as well. This is optional.


For existing web sites: Patent-Pending Reverse Proxy Solution


In order for businesses with existing web sites to determine which visitors are coming from their  campaigns, the our ReachLocal platform automatically creates proxied versions of those pages. Phone numbers & e-mail links are automatically switched to campaign-specific tracking phone numbers and e-mails so that ALL activity can be tied back to your campaign. In addition, any page of an existing web site can be tracked through this technology. This requires NO work on behalf of the advertiser or their webmaster. (Not available for all campaigns)