“Assumptive Media” (AKA - "Traditional Media")


Until very recently most advertising and marketing was based almost

on speculation and assumption.


As an advertiser you were asked to assume that numbers of subscribers

or readers or listeners or viewers or a combination of some or all of the

above were somehow able to predict the likelihood of an advertising campaign’s success.


You were asked to assume an ad buy was worth it simply because there were few alternatives. Your competitors were doing it and besides, you really did not know what else to do. Good for Ad reps and traditional media, maybe not so good for your business.

We make online lead generation and local search engine advertising easy.                         Our reporting is state of the art and leaves nothing to guess about. If it works, you'll know.

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As people search for products or services we can match their needs and locations to your business.  


We work with all the major search networks like Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Verizon Superpages.  We also have an uncommon expertise in some of the lesser known and often equally effective tier-two networks such as SearchFind, Local.com and Index.


No more guessing. Nice.


Our service will track the leads we generate for you, and give you the phone numbers and e-mail addresses of the online customers that we find.  


Make the fastest growing advertising medium in the world your best producing local advertising buy.  We can get your business in front of local eyes within five-business days whether you have a web site or not.


That’s a goal worth achieving, and one we can help you reach - locally.  


It used to be that small business didn't have opportunities like these.

Excuse me, but can I ask you a few questions?


How many people actually read my Ad I placed with you on page B7 last Wednesday?

How old were they? What kind of income do they earn?


How many listeners living in my sales and service area heard my radio spot that ran at 2PM most days this week? What did they think of it?


Did they take action on my offer?


How many local-market television viewers actually watched my commercial that ran with six others during the CSI bathroom and snack break? Were they men or women?

Were they interested in my offer or service at all?


For the most part, the answer to these questions came in the form of “aggregated data” and reader listener/viewer studies that consisted of a “representative market samples", usually based on less than 2,000 survey respondents that represent a “statistically accurate representation of the market as a whole." Huh?


OK, great. But that’s not really what I was asking…


That tells me how many listeners might have heard my ad or read my offer. But what about the real answer to the question? How many actually did?


Equally important is the answer to my other questions; of those who actually heard or read my ad, how many of those actually were in the market for my product or service at that time? How many were moved to take an action because of that ad? How many became a lead and how many became an actual client?

All of this "new media blah blah" is not offerd to cast a negative light on traditional media. We believe there will be traditional media advertising and marketing opportunities that hold real value for many years to come.


In fact, we'd go so far as to say that traditional media is tough to beat when creating desire and awareness. Search Engine content just is not designed to wash over you in a way that helps you to decide on BMW over Mercedes.


The other mediums are great at that.


No one I know "browses" search engine results. They DO browse newspapers and magazines and they do channel surf and they may see your ads, and those ads may create a desire for your goods or services that did not exist before.


Things have just changed a bit, they have not, in any way, removed traditional marketing methods from the mix.


However, once that desire is sparked - there exists a mountain of data to support what we already know - we go online to research prices, compare stores, look at colors and competitors, to learn what our peer consumers are saying and more often than not - to find LOCAL stores to buy that item from.


If your web site can't be seen during this critical shopping phase - you may not even stand a chance to close the deal you may have helped create!


"Traditionally" Speaking, You STILL NEED it.

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We have chosen to build our offerings around a more transparent and accountable side of the increasingly cross-channel advertising world we find ourselves in today – Interactive.


If we take on a client, provide a service, or launch a campaign, all efforts and outcomes will be measured, in real-time and adjusted as needed.


Lead generation and campaign effectiveness will be clear to all involved at all times.


We will know who we are targeting and why, and we will know when we get them and we will know where they came from.


Speculation and assumptive media will play no part in our client acquisition and real lead generation strategies.


If it works you will know it. Simple.


If its not working we will know and make adjustments and changes during the course of the campaign to ensure that it does work.


Logical. Clear. Left-brained. Get it? Good.





“A Different Path”

Just because you have a web site doesn't mean

new customers can find it.

Every day, millions of Americans search online for local dentists, auto body shops, realtors, fitness clubs, restaurants, car dealers, plumbers, fitness clubs, lawyers, carpet cleaners, caterers, and cosmetic surgeons.  


Virtually every type of Sacramento area small business is searched  for online.


But what about getting your web site found?

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How can this be 'Guaranteed"?


Because, ours is a   pay for performance world...

If it does not perform, you don't pay.


Simple. Fair.

We make sure they can.