It's not easy work, but someone should be doing it for you.



This is Pay-Per-Lead Marketing (PPL). If no "clicks" (Targeted Leads) are produced as a result of the ads we create and place for you, no fees are charged.


IMPORTANT: We do not charge you for "impressions." The time an ad is seen is not what you are charged for. Your ad may appear on a search engine thousands of times in a given month, however, you are only charged if someone  clicks into your site as a result of that ad.


Cool huh?


Simple. Straight forward. Transparent. Logical. (That's where the "Left Brain" concept comes in...)


Our reports are amazingly detailed and presented in plain English.


You will know what you are getting for every penny spent.


If the leads that are being produced don't become actual buyers at the rate you'd like to see, you can change your ads, change your target city or your keywords - at anytime.


You may also cancel at anytime, receiving a refund of those dollars not spent at the time of the full cancellation.*


No tricks. No obligations.


Simple, honest and logical.


The way advertising should have been all along.



(*Refund: After a cancellation is received, it can take up to 6 business days for all ads to become inactive. You will be refunded the full amount remaining on the account after the complete stop has occurred.)